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Having shot and covered D1 multiple times here in drifting’s birthplace of Japan, I decided that it was time to head out Stateside and see how the U.S goes about it all and study the styles and builds of the cars as well as the bigger picture; the fans, the vendors and the entertainment that makes events more than just the racing… Read more



Formula Drift returned to Speed City Kuala Lumpur this year with an extremely diverse line-up of drivers from all over the world. Names like Ken Gushi from the US, Daigo “the Ninja” Saito from Japan of which has remained undefeated since the beginning of the Formula Drift Series, Local Malaysian drifting royalty Tengku Djan Ley of which owns the venue turned Battle grounds for this event, Japan D1 drifter Masao Suenaga and Frederic Aasbø
of whom is piloting the beastly V8 powered RS*R Toyota 86 were just some of the star studded entourage of superstars in the Drifting game that participated. Read more

EVENT – World Time Attack Challenge: Friday Morning

It’s a sunny but windy day here in Sydney, Australia. We’re at the new Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly known as Eastern Creek Raceway. With the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) underway, cars from all over the world have gathered to race against the clock. With the morning session done and dusted, the current leader is Nemo Racing’s Mitsubishi Evo 9 with an astonishing time of 1:25.74, a whole 3 second faster than the record set by Tarzan Yamada in the Cyber Evo last year.

Read more


Last year’s Formula drift venue really took a toll on many of the cars, but this year’s venue is of a more driver friendly surface with a challenging layout, with a long straight that allows for a high speed entry into a series of S-Shaped corners. Read more


The AE86, or the Hachi Roku, which literally means 86 in Japanese, is worshipped by many in the motorsports world, and made famous by the anime that took the world by storm, Initial D. The aura and the driving physics of this car is definitely not one of luxury or class, but more along the lines of raw unprecedented fun, and the car’s handling capabilities are quite forgiving which entitles many novice drifters to learn and experience drifting and extremely fun driving all in one readily available package, one of which many modern cars are unable to achieve. The AE86 is truly a legendary piece of engineering, that gives one an adrenaline rush regardless of whether you are behind the wheel or just watching it in action from the sidelines.

The Hachi in question here is known as “Pinky”, and it’s definitely not your normal AE86, judging by the eccentric colour chosen, one can already begin to understand how different this Hachi is. The owner of this Hachi goes by the name of Anep Dorifuto, a local drifter in Kuala Lumpur, who’s just beginning to learn the ropes. His drifting exploits began in 2009, and he bought his very own Hachi in 2010. After beginning to perfect the art of going sideways he has won several events. Events that Anep participated in have all been on the local scale, namely the Cyberjaya Drift challenge and the KBS drift challenge to name a few. In one of the races he earned 6th place in the expert category and 3rd in the novice category.

When one talks about Hachi’s, one usually revels about the 4AGE engine, and the brilliant toyota handling, but there are other cars out there that have parts that fair a little better than the Hachi’s, which leads to another unusual piece of information. A normally aspirated SR20 lifted from an S13. Other parts have also been exchanged and include the front axle and front suspension, all also from the S13. All this is made possible with the help of Under3 Garage, who takes care of all the mechanical details. With these modifications, Anep has successfully negated all of the issues had with the original parts, and now with a car that has more power and more precise handling, this hachi is now a weapon to Anep, ready to tear up the track.

To many this is just another Hachi with an unusual colour scheme, but this is no doubt a tribute to Anep’s passion and hunger for speed. Fueling his burning desire to have created this precision drifting machine, which now has the characteristics of a poison dart frog. Blazing about with it’s brightly coloured skin to show that its a highly potent and worthy adversary regardless of its size. Drifting is a sport which requires immense precision and control on the driver’s part, and as for the car, it has to stand out and appeal to the crowd and judges. It’s safe to say that Anep has managed to achieve that combination with flying colours.

If you are from Malaysia, Catch this car in action in SpeedCity Serdang ( near Astro building ). This car is one of the main attractions, which you could hop on and feel that intense adrenaline rush.


Check out Retro Garage for more awesome pictures and also don’t forget to drop on our 7tune Facebook Page. Have a nice day.


7TUNE. The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words – Eugene Chan
Photos – Praveent Chelvam


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Start line

17 & 18 of December was another successful milestone for Formula Drift Asia fans, with the likes of many superstar drifters from all over Asia coming together to participate in a heated battle of tire smoking and sideways sliding. Round 3 of the Formula Drift series was set in the tropical country of Kuala Lumpur. Rain clouds were looming above but the event was somehow blessed and that rain never came. With the prominent names of the drifting scene like Manabu Orido, Daigo Saito and Daijiro Yoshihara, Formula Drift USA Champion as a special guest judge and from Thailand Kiki Sak Nana and Tong Nakarin of Team Red Bull, one can only expect some fireworks and the drivers didn’t disappoint… Read more


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Driving down to the pits of Mallala Raceway; it was hard to contain my excitement, the overwhelming sense of exhilaration surrounded the garages as cars came off their trailers and the days preparations started to begin. Stepping out of my car, the South Australian heat was instantly felt on my face; the overpowering smell of fuel and unmistakable rumble of drift cars lurked in the distance, I could feel the smile on my face widen -  ‘it’s going to be a good day’

Safety FIRST; while the drivers were attending the compulsory drivers’ briefing, it was time to set up my resting place for the day! Walking up to the top of grandstand 3; the initial thought going through my head was, ‘Where is my lounge when I need it?’ I soon forgot my seating dilemma when I saw the view of Turn 1 bending into the amazingly cambered Turn 2. Hell yes, I knew this was the spot. 8 hours sitting on a plank of wood for a good view, why not! Not long after I found a comfy position, I heard engines roaring to life like the aural equivalent of dominoes falling in line. Everyone around me started focusing on the ever expanding number of cars lining up for the first warm up session. These runs are usually a bit sketchy as nerves are going crazy and the drivers are getting a feel for the track. Here we were fresh tyres, unmolested engines and a shit load of talent; oh yes. The track was soon filled with screeching tyres, clouds of smoke and an epic amount of limiter bashing – heaven!

The line-up was filled with a pleasant variety of cars; inter-state & local drivers eagerly waited for some track time.

After the warm up session, drivers got the chance to refine their setups to be more compatible with the track and weather conditions before the qualifying round took place. While the tools were turning, the spectators had a chance to have a stretch break; I don’t know about others, but I took this opportunity to chase down Mrs Shirl Clarke; the very supportive and devoted mother of driver Davey Clarke. As per usual Shirl was doing her traditional rounds handing out FREE lollipops, that’s right FREE Chupa Chup lollipops and silly me thinking the day couldn’t get any better! After grabbing a handful of candy, it was time to head back to the grandstand as the qualifying round was under way. Lollipops, drifting and being surrounded by genuine people, need I say anymore?

Shirl Clarke was prepared; an endless supply of sugary goodness!

Davey Clarke smokin’ it up; known for his smoke shows, he certainly delivered. Davey qualified 3rd but was knocked out by WA’s Tarquin Van Rooyen; although still managing 8th in the championship.

Qualifying 22nd then coming 2nd in the Wild Card battle; Michael Symonds took out ‘Best Rookie’ and you can certainly see why, he sure knows how to handle his 4AGE powered KE.

Jake ‘Drift Squid’ Jones had some earlier car troubles which put him 17th in qualifying; however he managed to make a comeback through Wild-card and take out 2nd place in round 3 and 3rd place overall. 

Luke Broadbent from Broadbent motorsports was giving a pleasurable show of drifting as per usual. Luke qualified 9th then went up against James Mardle; after a close battle Luke came out on top, next up was Luke & Monkhouse, another tight battle but Monkhouse took the win.

I was extremely impressed with the drifting during the qualifying; actually for once, I was speechless! Drivers were taking corners with precision and carving up the straights with massive smoke shows; the competition nerves were gone along with the rubber on their first set of tyres. I couldn’t imagine the discussions happening between the 3 judges; 36 talented drivers had to be cut down to just 14. However this didn’t mean the end for 16 drivers that just missed out; instead they would be in the ‘Wild Card’ round. For those that are not familiar with how the ‘wild card’ system works, I will give you a quick rundown. Basically, the judges take the scores from qualifying and rank the drivers from highest to lowest; the first 14 automatically go to the next level of the competition. The lower 16 drivers get a chance to battle it out for the available two positions in the final top 16. How good is that? Personally, I am a fan as we all know drifting can be so unpredictable; this gives drivers a second chance to get back in the game.

Adam Dermody smoking in style; qualifying 10th and took out 11th in the series.

Local boys Simon Michelmore & Hayden Buckham putting on an intense battle for the crowd, they never fail to impress. Simon had some car issues early in the day but manage to qualify 13th and 6th overall. Hayden qualified 7th and achieved 12th in the championship.

Michalis Karalis qualified 23rd but was taken out by Michael Symonds in the Wild Card battle.

What an amazing moment captured of Corey Yates by photographer Brendan Newcombe!
Corey qualified 16th and came 18th in the championship.

Tom Monkhouse; recently won the G1 round 2, being a crowd favourite the pressure was on! Monkhouse qualified 1st and flew through to the final 4, after a close battle with Jake Jones, Tom was crowned winner of the G1 round 3 and the G1 championship.

 STOP! Wild Card time! As explained, this battle is like a competition inside of a competition, if that makes any sense! It’s ran in tandems giving each driver two runs; first leading then following. The battles continued until two drivers were left standing; Michael Symonds & Jake Jones took out 1st and 2nd eliminating the other drivers out of the series.  Now that the Wild Card round was finished, it was time for a dinner break & pit walk. Thank God for that, by this stage I had no feeling left in my ass and I wanted to go chat to some locals.

A few sheds were set up with company merchandise; some included Jake Jones ‘Drift Squid’ , Sleeka Spares and Broadbent Motorsports – Shopping at a drift event; whoever came up with this idea is a freaking genius!

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of children running around; pointing at drift cars, getting autographs from drivers and taking in the drift atmosphere.

Corey Yates revealed this monster RX-7; fu*k this car is sexy; no wonder it is his pride & joy!

Although she didn’t qualify this time, owner of Sleeka Spares Kelly Wong was out hitting the tarmac in her freshly painted A31 Cefiro. Being the only female driver showing the boys how it’s done was a priority. This girl certainly has some moves that would make any man’s jaw drop; her impressive driving techniques combined with her confidence makes for an entertaining session of drifting. I was stoked when I had the opportunity to have a few words with Kelly. It isn’t every day you come across a beautiful female drifter that is so genuine and loves getting out there in a man’s world of sports.

Kelly – “G1 was certainly a blast however a bit sad as it was the final round for the year. I felt very comfortable and confident in the car which I have only been driving since March. I notice a significant improvement in my driving every time I go out and I’m finally over the ‘competition nerves’. I’m really looking forward to the 2012 season, my goal is to make my mark and give the boys a run for their money!  I’m hoping to gain some sponsors to make it possible for me to compete in the national competitions next year as well. To all the ladies out there; keep on drifting!

Drift carnage; a sight that pulls at your heart strings yet the courage and determination of these drivers is what drifting is all about. During the day some epically fast scando’s down the straight into turn one caused a bit of mayhem for a few drivers and unfortunately their cars came out second best. In some of the battles competitors where getting insanely close causing a bit of intimidation which caused a few unwanted spins; the tyre stacks showed no mercy.

“Such is motorsports; drifting sometimes requires a fair amount of blood, sweat & tears; cable ties, race tape & homemade mechanical remedies but most importantly, it requires a determined, passionate & devoted driver to make it all happen.”  – Myself.

David Dermody leaving the track with some style!

Ethan Falken
berg defined gravity after spinning off track & somehow not rolling his 32. What impressed us all the most is he drove away from it!

ik Wildman showed perfect sportsmanship after his wall hit; a smile and a wave to the cheering crowd.

Shane Murphy giving the tyre piles some lovin’.

The final battles; side by side, the drivers get a last minute glimpse at their competitor, the nerves had vanished, the tyres were warm and the process of elimination was about to begin. The crowd were on the edge of their seats as each battle brought the final 4 closer; drivers were getting close to rear quarters and clipping apexes with style. After some seriously intense drifting the top 4 were named; Ben Nash, Tarquin Van Rooyen, Jake Jones & Tom Monkhouse, what an attractive line up for the final battles of the night! Each driver put in 100% and impressed the crowd with their form, in the end it was clear Monkhouse took the victory.

Jake Jones giving chase to Shane Murphy in the Wild Card battle!

Luke Hand qualified 12th in round 3 and 14th in the championship, great job!

Davey Clarke gaining some serious angle and smoke!


Elliot Wylie qualified 19; however he was taken out by Dean Newcomb in the Wild Card battle.

Eddie Modra qualified 2nd and won the ‘Most Improved’ trophy; Eddie hadn’t been in comp for 12 months prior, good job!

Simon Michelmore
being one of SAs most talented; he sure knows how to put on a spectacular show!

Drifting in the sunset; bromance, lol!

The day had sadly come to a close; I was sun burnt, sore and in a strange mood due to being over tired but as per usual it was completely worth it and I am already excited for the 2012 series. A big round of applause for everyone that took part in organizing such a great event, all the sponsors and media; it wouldn’t happen without your involvement.

I would like to take a moment to express my thanks to the incredible photographers for supplying their photos; your efforts and passion for the sport of drifting is evident in the pictures you take, I am sure I speak for everyone when I say, your time and talent is appreciated. If you’d like to check out more photo coverage of the G1, check out the links to these amazing photographers below!

Brendan Newcombe – DoriPhotos

Luke Terbeeke – LTM

Joel Dawson

Kieran O’Rourke – Bliestek Media

Also a big THANKS to Mrs Jenna Michelmore for organizing the ‘Charity ride’ competition; round 3′s charity was the wonderful Flicks Cat Rescue & Adoption, two lucky winners got a  drift lap with Kelly Wong & Davey Clarke; I am sure this is a donation they will never forget!

Flicks R&A has some freaking adorable kitties that need homes; check it, buy one & call it Tofu! – Flicks Rescue & Adoption

If you were unable to attend the event; check out this video made by the talented Scott Mitchell -  http://vimeo.com/32133182

Some of Australia’s most talented drifters call South Australia home, so when I heard the G1’s final round was being held in the small town of Mallala SA, I knew I had to be there to witness some of the best drifting in Australia and the G1 certainly delivered the goods. The devotion and support that surrounds the drivers is surreal; family, friends & sometimes strangers put in a sensational amount of effort into these events! Be sure to check out an event at Mallala, you will not be disappointed.

G1 Round 3 results

1st – Tom Monkhouse

2nd Jake Jones

3rd – Tarquin Van Rooyen

4th – Ben Nash

For more information on the up & coming G1 series visit www.mallala.com

The JDM car culture; through the eyes of a woman!

Words – Riki-lee Kazumi
Photos – Above mentioned photographers


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Melbourne, Victoria Australia. Home to many Australian drifters and host of the Australian Drifting Grand Prix (ADGP) Round #1 at the Calder Park Thunderdome.

Some of the best Australian drifters gathered over the weekend at the Thunderdome for a new exciting series to the Australian Motorsport calendar.

Read more


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Can one venue contain both the Skylines Australia Drag Day and the ProjectD Social Drifts on the same day at the same time?

Click on the pictures for 1000px goodness!

Last weekend hundreds of punters converged at the massive car park at the Western Sydney International Dragway… Read more


Dutch based GT Events hosted the very first edition of the Fastcar Festival last weekend at the Zandvoort Racetrack. Featuring everything from time attack races to drifting and from show & go to trackday experiences for amateur drivers, the venue had a lot to offer. Read more

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