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Nobushige Kumakubo, leader of Team Orange, has taken his Geiger counter out and around the town of Nihonmatsu which lies less than 50kms from the dead zone that is the Fukushima Dai Ichi Nuclear Plants, in an effort to calm concerned people about visiting the area. The results are very positive! In a good way of course… Read more


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It’s a Sunday, wouldn’t you rather like to be out and drifting? Read more


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Mike Neko ( pronounced – mee み keh け, who happens to be a very nice lady and not a guy as many people think ) has been good enough to spend her valuable time translating the blogs of Kumakubo Nobushige and Kubokawa Sumika and Mike has kindly agreed to also share her awesome translations with the readers of 7TUNE! Read more


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Don’t let the photos fool you. We may have been clowning around but Keiichi Tsuchiya is the man to talk to when it comes to “keeping drift fun” and 7tune has this world exclusive interview with him on the plans taking shape for the future of drift in Japan… Read more


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Remi Schouten is a busy guy. A student of the Japanese language in Tokyo, Remi also runs Japan’o'blog and a successful web design business but likes to get out to the Matsuri with his video camera in hand whenever the time rolls around.

This awesome video is the result… Read more


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The 2010 Autumn Drift Matsuri is coming up in the second week of November and I thought these shots were a perfect example of the lunacy that takes place… Read more

Event Report – 2010 Summer Drift Matsuri Part 3

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The Summer Drift Matsuri ended as soon as it had begun and November is already almost upon us. Less than 9 weeks separates us from the Autumn Matsuri and yet it still seems so far away for anyone who has been… Read more

Feature Car – Kyoto Rob’s Immaculate 240SX

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I met Rob for the first time at Ebisu for the drift Matsuri a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t get over the fact that he owned one of the coolest drift cars at the event that weekend and one that was in LHD of all things. Read more

Event Report – 2010 Summer Drift Matsuri Part 2

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After having a good look at the Fusion Garage cars it was time to head over to the Nishi course where the short track had been set up for some afternoon chaos. Read more

Event Report – 2010 Summer Drift Matsuri Part 1

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Friday and the G1-GP was massive but the weekend was about to break loose when the gates to the Ebisu compound opened to the general public on Saturday morning. Read more after the jump… Read more

Event Report – The 2010 G1-GP Round 2

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Temperatures were scorching in Nihonmatsu last Friday for the second round of the newly created G1-GP ( Gaijin Grand Prix ) but the staff at Ebisu Circuit, Team Orange and Powervehicles teamed up to provide a Drift competition for people living in and visiting Japan, open to foreigners only. Here’s how it shook out… Read more

2010 Spring G1-GP at Ebisu Circuit

What a weekend it has been. Mercifully the awesome weather played a major part in what was a truly memorable event – an event only those among the foreign community were able to savor – a full day before the chaos of Matsuri would begin and with complete and unrestricted use of the South course inside the grounds of the Ebisu complex.

Read more relocates to Ebisu – Drift car hire!

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Power Vehicles is one of the best known exporter of ex-D1 cars and other big name race cars from Japan! In the drifting equivalent of “endless summer” they have moved their operations to Ebisu circuit. Read more

Back In The Day: BIG-X part I

March 26, 2009 by  
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Recently I’ve had a little bit of good luck and bad. Read more

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