May 8, 2011 by  
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It’s a Sunday, wouldn’t you rather like to be out and drifting? Read more

Spotlight – Sunderland’s Unlucky Lucky Break

August 30, 2010 by  
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Andrew Sunderland is the guy people might not tend to notice much at parties. The quintessential unassuming type, Andrew would even be hard to spot among a sea of Japanese natives, such is the modesty this Aussie embodies. But behind the wheel you better lookout – this is a guy that simply monsters angle… Read more

Video – Summer Drift Matsuri 2010

August 28, 2010 by  
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David Oshima, Red Bull Japans resident VJ, put together this great compilation in record time after such short notice. Check it out! Read more

Event Report – The 2010 G1-GP Round 2

August 24, 2010 by  
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Temperatures were scorching in Nihonmatsu last Friday for the second round of the newly created G1-GP ( Gaijin Grand Prix ) but the staff at Ebisu Circuit, Team Orange and Powervehicles teamed up to provide a Drift competition for people living in and visiting Japan, open to foreigners only. Here’s how it shook out… Read more relocates to Ebisu – Drift car hire!

September 6, 2009 by  
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Power Vehicles is one of the best known exporter of ex-D1 cars and other big name race cars from Japan! In the drifting equivalent of “endless summer” they have moved their operations to Ebisu circuit. Read more

Terminally Pretty: Kasso Club AE86

June 14, 2009 by  
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[singlepic id=2340 w=587 h=392 float=center]

After laying eyes on this AE86 you would be quick to think that it belongs in a wrecking yard, scrap heap or basically anywhere but on a circuit. Remember though how when you were young your mother told you not to judge a book by its cover? Read more

Complete list of Japanese Race Tracks/Circuits

Laurence Janus founder of has been hard at work compiling a list of all the important circuits around Japan. Pretty much all of them are 100% Japanese text, if you require any more info on any of the tracks, leave a comment here with what you are after and we would be more than happy to translate. Read more

Ebisu Circuit: Spring Matsuri Day Two

May 11, 2009 by  
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Well I hope you’ve all been enjoying the coverage from one of the biggest drift shows on earth. It’s been exactly a week since matsuri finished but I’m already hyped for the next one later this year! Read more

The Day I Nearly Died: Drift Matsuri..

May 7, 2009 by  
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Now that I’ve got your attention..  I though I might post up a small reel of shots that I took whilst shooting over at Kita course over the weekend. Read more

Ebisu Circuit: Spring Matsuri Day One II

May 5, 2009 by  
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I hope you all liked the first installment of the pictures and I’m looking forward to bringing you the rest in a few more articles.
Lets quickly jump over to the Nishi Course though, where things were looking like an AE86 meet than a drift festival. Read more

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