EVENTS – 24 Hours of Racing, 36 Hours of Fun! – PT3.

Let me take you back to the Nurburgring 24 hour race once more. Due to the trip both Allard van Grafhorst and myself made to the Le Mans 24 hours these photo’s have been laying around catching dust. Here is more on the Sunday of the race. Read more


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in Singapore

First Subaru BRZ (a brother to the Toyota 86) in Singapore? Read more


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With all this talk about the FT-86 being thrown around the net, a bit of fun is being poked around on the Facebook page tonight and a few shots have been sent through from the great fans we have that show the FT-86 wearing different “kicks“.

I love them all actually, but choices need to be made because without a doubt, wheel makers the world over are bracing for an onslaught of orders for the soon to be released sports car. Which one tickles your fancy?! Read more


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We have obtained a tip off from 7TUNE reader Rob, to yet more leaked brochure scans; this time of the regular, “official” Toyota FT-86/FR-S versions. You’ve already seen what the interior and optional Modellista package may end up looking like but this time, we have more detailed shots of the FT-86 exterior design elements. We also added exclusive translations in English to go with the scans. Click to find out more… Read more


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You’re looking at what are most likely legitimate spy shots of the JDM Brochure for the FT-86 that is to be released at this years Tokyo Motor Show. Automotive enthusiasts the world over are on high alert for any news on the long awaited car and this latest set of shots of the body options and interior trim from the brochure are sure to whip up yet another round of frenzied debate… Read more


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Out testing on the Nurburgring in Germany very recently was the new FT86 but if you look a little harder at the spy shots, it’s hard to tell if it’s the Toyota or the Subaru. There are a few clues however as to which one it might actually be… Read more

Exclusive – 7tune rides shotgun in the LF-A

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It’s been an exhausting day and one that started at the crack of dawn. After a restless sleep, knowing full well what the day would hold, I packed the Arai helmet, picked up Red Bull VJ David Oshima and sped towards Fuji Speedway where a date with the Nurburgring 24hour Toyota LF-A awaited. Read more

News Scoop – FT-86 is on time

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Good news FT-86 fans. I was invited as one of the only foreign journalists to attend a press day on Wednesday where the JDM only Noah and Voxy Minivans were being showcased by G’s, the sports vehicle oriented arm of Toyota Japan. The FT-86 though, didn’t take long to come up in the conversation… Read more

News Scoop – FT86 Release Postponed, Design Changed

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According to Japan’s “Best Car magazine”, the FT86′s release date is set to be postponed a further 2 years with the goal posts being shifted from a 2011 release date to 2013.
Read more

FT-86 Price and Range Out Of Control?

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According to sources,”…ballooning development costs will result in a more expensive Toyota FT-86 when it arrives late next year…
Read more

2010 Tokyo Auto Salon: Stage Two

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We’re back for part two of 7tune’s coverage of the 2010 Tokyo Auto Salon and to kick things off, let’s take a closer look at Toyota’s presence at the show.
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Special Report: G’s Turbocharged FT86

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I am very excited about the FT86. Who isn’t? It can quite easily achieve cult status, making it just as important to the aftermarket tuning industry as its legendary predecessor the AE86 has proven to be over the last 25 years. What makes it even more important is the fact that it has been confirmed that the FT86 will come in naturally aspirated and turbo configurations – sending the tuning fraternity giddy with the thought of the endless possibilities associated with this wide scope of tuning potential.

Read more

Scoop: G’s Turbocharged FT86

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You heard it here first – 7tune is at the 2010 TAS press day for what is a bumper event, jam packed with automotive goodness from all over the globe. We’ve got loads to cover from the event including the latest from the tuners, some special insights and loads of delectable eye candy of the female variety.

Read more

FT-86 Up Close And Personal!

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The FT-86 (Future Toyota 86), what can we say? If Toyota builds a car that is 90% of what we see here 7Tune will be one of the first in line! Follow the jump for 40+ new photos and some more specs.

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