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It’s around noon on a cold day in January, I’m standing in the lobby of my hotel at the pay phone punching in the number that my girlfriend is reading to me from the computer. The phone rings and I wonder if I’ll even get an answer as it’s only a been a few days since New Years and in Japan, most shops are usually closed. The phone keeps ringning but as I was about to give up hope, someone picks up. I reply awkwardly as I didn’t expect an answer. Read more


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I got a call from a couple of friends of mine who wanted to know if I’d be free to join them on a jaunt around Tokyo. Knowing they were all Audi and Lamborghini owners, I gave them an Insta-Yes and packed my camera gear to make sure I captured as much as I could! I also brought along a friend of mine who shoots some MEAN video and between us, I think we got some great content! Read more


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  Yamata no Orochi. Orochi. The 8-Forked Serpent. The 8-tailed monstrosity. Fire bellied. Eyes red. It’s size dwarfing 8 valleys and hills. This mythical creature forms the basis of a study in modern coach building. It’s sole purpose to turn heads with it’s organic form and exemplify hand-made craftsmanship in a modern chassis.

Read more


So you might have seen the Suzuki Cappuccino and thought, “What are Kei cars and why do they look so girly?” Well, we’re going to take a closer look at Kei cars, the most misunderstood vehicle outside of Japan. Read more


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This video is only available to those on the 7Tune Facebook Fan Page. In other words it won’t be seen on the “Latest Articles” section. Why? Because we feel that our fans should have some special content for being our fans! Thank you for your support over these few months, we’re working hard to improve things at 7Tune. We’re working on unique content and better ways to interact with you on the world wide web.

But onto the video, Japan is home to some of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers in the world. It is also home to some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic exotic car owners in Japan. Even though these 2 collectors have completely different personalities, it isn’t hard to see the joy they hold when they see their cars. What’s even more impressive is the time and attention to detail these guys put in to their collection.

So please enjoy the 2 videos below and remember to SHARE it if you love it; help your friends find this video.




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No it’s not a flat white, but it’s a frothingly great car to drive.

The F6A engine was a piece of automotive technical brilliance, not to mention the astounding suspension setup in such a small package. I’ve been a fan of these ever since i got to drive one, it’s something very special indeed. Read more


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7tune is always looking to expand and that happens much faster when we know we’re getting the help from 7tuners to make it happen! If you haven’t joined the fan page jump on over to Facebook and type “7tune” into the search bar. It’s the only one in the list, so you can’t miss it. Read more


The Ultimate JDM Experience involves at some point, usually sooner than later, a trip in one of the ubiquitous taxis roaming around the japanese streets. Well, good news: for those of you in the Tokyo area, it is now possible to enjoy 7Tune (and the rest of the internet) straight from the backseat of your next cab. Docomo, in collaboration with the large taxi consortium Tokyo Musen, is installing free access Wifi hotspots in 820 taxis around the Japanese capital.

Read more

What is Drift Matsuri?

Thanks to Dino & Speedhunters!

Drift Matsuri is an event held thrice a year in Japan. Literally translated it means “drift festival”. For 36 straight hours; that’s right, non-stop drifting and social events. It’s commonly held on the Ebisu Circuit (split into many courses) which is in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan over a weekend.

There can be close to 400 over cars at the event and is one of the few events that recognise the large number of foreign drifters living in Japan. It even has a special G1 GP competition for the foreigners!

Thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare &!

It’s a rare event to see so many pro drifters (in their own practise cars) and amateurs rubbing shoulders together in the same place. And everyone is there for the same purpose, to perfect the art of drifting, to have fun and to share the love of drifting.

For a visitor to Japan and a JDM car nut, you have to visit this festival once in your lifetime. It usually happens in Spring (May), Summer (Aug) and Autumn (Nov). If you don’t have a car, then don’t worry! Because you can always rent a drift car from, who sometimes have ex-GP cars for sale on their website.

Thanks to

If you’re looking for a serious motorsport event with score cards and the like, then this event is NOT for you. The Drift Matsuri was started to appreciate the art of drifting, the inherent beauty of a car going sideways, accompanied by the raucous sound of popping exhausts and the intoxicating smell of burnt rubber. It’s about the spectacle of the event, it’s about the entertainment that it provides. Drift Matsuri isn’t about trophies (although they are given out) or who has the best car. It is ONLY about drifting. You can turn up in a old AE86 with rust everywhere and still enjoy the event. There are minimal egos and instead great appreciation and camaraderie.

If you haven’t been before, please go and check it out.

You can view more pictures of this event through the years at, Driftlife & Nori Yaro.

Thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare for the pictures and to for their continued quality posts and for their rental facilities :)

Drift Matsuri 2010 Autumn Video

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An awesome video of this Autumn’s Drift Matsuri held on the Ebisu tracks.



Autumn Drift Matsuri 2010 – Ebisu Circuit, Japan from Remi Schouten on Vimeo.

This is a video that Remi Schouten did, you can find his blog here:

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