The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show is back this year in full force, with an extensive 10 day showcase of cars from the past, the present and the future held from the 15th of November to the 24th of November. It has been a long while since my last motor show visit and this is certainly a refreshing experience to see such an eclectic mix of cars on display, with a stronger emphasis on hybrid and electric technology cars, even having 2 popular hybrids available as lucky draw prizes. The reason for this influx of environmentally friendly vehicles is relevant to the theme set for this year’s show, which is “efficiency in motion”. Read more

EVENTS – 24 Hours of Racing, 36 Hours of Fun! – PT3.

Let me take you back to the Nurburgring 24 hour race once more. Due to the trip both Allard van Grafhorst and myself made to the Le Mans 24 hours these photo’s have been laying around catching dust. Here is more on the Sunday of the race. Read more


The first race of the Super GT 2011 season was tough, as it is often the case at Fuji when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Usually when it’s raining over there, it’s raining a lot. As such, the race result was difficult to guess before the start since the rain added yet another level of uncertainty over the many unsolved questions arising for the first time the new cars, drivers and teams gathered to race at last.

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This video contains raw footage shot on the iPhone of a press ride I was given by the good people at Toyota in the race specification Lexus LF-A. I still can’t believe how poised and balanced this thing was at Fuji Speedway and I don’t think it was being driven slowly. They say the times this car makes are even faster than the quickest GT500 cars! Read more


Time to go racing. The 2011 Super GT season has been impacted by the March 11 earthquake and will start one month late but looks to be a good year nevertheless. Before the cars take it to the first session next Saturday at Fuji, let’s have a look at the competitors , starting with GT500.

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We already met the 2010 Super GT season winners at the last race in Motegi. The championship is over but the Super GT circus will be at Fuji next week-end for a double sprint race during the Sprint Cup, the big race-a-palooza closing the Japanese motorsport year. While waiting impatiently for this novel way of competing for the GT community, let’s have another look at Motegi  but this time wandering through the field to check what you see when you forget the front runners for a moment…

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News – Toyota stars in Total Recall

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If you’ve seen the movie, you’ll remember Arnie bugging out when he started getting flashbacks and indeed Toyota is experiencing the same phenomenon; this time with the return of cars instead of a return to Mars… Read more

Preview – Super GT showdown in Motegi

On Sunday afternoon, in the little town of Motegi, there’s gonna be a showdown..Wild West style. The 2010 Super GT championship will come to its conclusion with a 250km race that will decide the champions for both categories. The weight penalty system has done its job this season, along with the unexpected cancellation of the previous race at Fuji thanks to a mighty typhoon and no less than 9 teams in GT500 and 6 teams in GT300 will arrive in Motegi with a shot at glory. With no weight penalty and a short track distance to contend with, pure speed will win the day in what promises to be a great race. Before we head to the circuit, let’s have a look at the contenders in both categories. Read more

Snap Shot – Luxurious Lexus

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I took a few shots of this very clean and slick GS Lexus while returning from an event recently. It’s definitely the Japanese take on luxury cars, what with its lack of ride height, blacker than black paint job and white curtains, all tastefully arranged around the luxo-barge from Lexus, the GS300. Read more

New Lexus LF-A/LF-L Render

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Back in May the Lexus LF-A was once again spotted at the Nürburgring sporting some extra coverings to hide an obvious redesign of some key areas, notably the front bumper and side air intakes around the quarter windows. Here’s what Holiday Auto think the LF-A will look like when it’s shown at the Tokyo Motor Show later this year.


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