You have to admit, anyone with a properly functioning brain, eyes and genitalia would agree that Mazda’s KODO design language brings out spectacularly beautiful cars.


Given the chance, the designers could most likely make a plastic surgery “NOPE-tastrophe” like Jocelyn Wildenstein look good.


Mazda has recently unveiled the lovingly crafted 2015 MX-5 which brought about the first 2 door in their new design theme. Shortly after, I’m refreshed with the sight of the new Mazda 3 which cooked up this thought like a batch of meth;

I wonder what it would look like with 3 doors?

wrap your moist loins around that one.

History has shown us that Mazda has had a compact 3 door in its regular line up, and the more exclusive GT-X, GT-Ae and GT-R for the performance orientated driver in the mid-80′s to early 90′s; the latter two being limited rally homologation models.


While new WRC regulations only allow sub-compacts (looking at you, Mazda2), there is still room for Mazda to promote a 3 door compact. Whether it be a more affordable entry compared to the other body styles, or be positioned as a performance competitor for other 3 door hot hatches like the Renault Megane RS, Hyundai Veloster Turbo and Seat Leon Cupra R.


With the Mazda3 being very competitive in the market, this release may very well pressure other Japanese brands to bring out 3 door hot hatches. It would be a similar scenario to how the 86 pressured brands into releasing a cheap performance vehicle (then proved how stubborn and/or slow they are at picking up on a sale), only difference being that it would be done in a Front Wheel Drive based platform; something that most automotive brands have access to.

In a local market that’s seemingly only occupied by the Suzuki Swift Sport, a successful launch could bring about the return of other hot hatches such as the Nissan Pulsar GTi-R, Mistubishi Mirage Cyborg ZR and the Toyota Corolla GTi. The new MPS is also stated to have AWD implemented. All the more reason to take the road to nostalgia.

Of course, Mazda already has the MPS as its compact performance model. The competition could always re-introduce a performance trim on their current 5 and 4 door vehicles. This leaves a 3 door as a purely aesthetic choice. Putting an investment towards a less practical product that is only a small amount cheaper than the more spacious option.

However, 3 doors still hold an appeal of being more attractive and can also be marketed towards a specified audience. Such ventures have been taken by companies such as Volkswagen with their Scirocco and Hyundai with their Veloster. Both were marketed for their sportiness, yet provide base models for those who are as enthusiastic about their car’s performance as they are about their refrigerators.


I certainly believe there is space in the market for another Japanese 3 door hot hatch, but everything I say only lies as hopes and dreams. The only way something like this is to come to fruition is if there is enough demand, which brings me to this:

What do you think of a 3 door Mazda 3?
Would you ever buy one (in standard, MPS or other trim)?
What sort of impact would it have on the Japanese and International market?

Leave your comments below on the page or on our Facebook post.

Words: Shahid Mohamed Islam

Photos: AutoEvolution, PureTrend, RanWhenParked, Seinfield, AutoBlog


DSCF2747 copy

Following up from the teaser I posted up a few days back for AOS Asia, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the full coverage of the Art of Speed Asia 2014. From cars to bikes, USDM to JDM, one can really see the diversity that makes Art of Speed what it is. AOS, as it is more affectionately known, has become one of the premier events in the region that truly celebrates Custom Culture. Avid enthusiasts and passionate tuners from all over congregate at Art of Speed to supply a visual treat and there was definitely something for everyone at the event. Read more



Formula Drift returned to Speed City Kuala Lumpur this year with an extremely diverse line-up of drivers from all over the world. Names like Ken Gushi from the US, Daigo “the Ninja” Saito from Japan of which has remained undefeated since the beginning of the Formula Drift Series, Local Malaysian drifting royalty Tengku Djan Ley of which owns the venue turned Battle grounds for this event, Japan D1 drifter Masao Suenaga and Frederic Aasbø
of whom is piloting the beastly V8 powered RS*R Toyota 86 were just some of the star studded entourage of superstars in the Drifting game that participated. Read more

EVENT – World Time Attack Challenge: Friday Morning

It’s a sunny but windy day here in Sydney, Australia. We’re at the new Sydney Motorsport Park, formerly known as Eastern Creek Raceway. With the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) underway, cars from all over the world have gathered to race against the clock. With the morning session done and dusted, the current leader is Nemo Racing’s Mitsubishi Evo 9 with an astonishing time of 1:25.74, a whole 3 second faster than the record set by Tarzan Yamada in the Cyber Evo last year.

Read more

EVENT – Showcased Presented By The-Lowdown.com

It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney, Australia as it played host to the one of the best meets Sydney has ever seen; Showcased presented by THE-LOWDOWN.com. This was the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts from all over Australia to come together and share their love for cars, whether it’s a time attack machine or a show car on bags, this meet had it all. With cars from interstate driving more than ten hours to attend and workshops working overtime to get their car ready to be debuted at Showcased. Read more


Last year’s Formula drift venue really took a toll on many of the cars, but this year’s venue is of a more driver friendly surface with a challenging layout, with a long straight that allows for a high speed entry into a series of S-Shaped corners. Read more

EVENTS – The Return of the Sun, Wangan Warriors Spring Meeting



The last two editions of the Wangan Warriors meeting had either a lot of rain or thick amounts of fog to deal with. Now at the beginning of the spring, their meeting got treated with the Return of the Sun. Read more

SHOP VISIT – The Autosport Company

2012 is kicking off and for me it is kicking off in a great way. This year I will finally get to build my own race car. After years of shooting the coolest cars behind the armco, I now have the opportunity to go racing myself. They say building the car already is half the fun and, as I was looking for parts to prepare my Miata, it showed. The fun has only just began!!!
While shooting for another upcoming report for 7TUNE and in need for some race parts, I went to visit The Autosport Company Read more


November 6, 2011 by  
Filed under Events, Latest Articles, Zen Garage

With the release of the newly anticipated Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360 console Zen Garage hosted a Forza night at their new warehouse space in Sydney, Australia. It was an industry night and we at 7Tune were there to bring you coverage of the whole event.
Read more


October 20, 2011 by  
Filed under JDM Feature Cars, Latest Articles

  Yamata no Orochi. Orochi. The 8-Forked Serpent. The 8-tailed monstrosity. Fire bellied. Eyes red. It’s size dwarfing 8 valleys and hills. This mythical creature forms the basis of a study in modern coach building. It’s sole purpose to turn heads with it’s organic form and exemplify hand-made craftsmanship in a modern chassis.

Read more


Dutch based GT Events hosted the very first edition of the Fastcar Festival last weekend at the Zandvoort Racetrack. Featuring everything from time attack races to drifting and from show & go to trackday experiences for amateur drivers, the venue had a lot to offer. Read more


In the wake of Sierra Sierra’s stunning 1:29.024, the Cyber Evo team has launched a protest, claiming that the American team is running NOS; a claim the Sierra Sierra team deny.

Sierra Sierra has invited the Cyber Evo team to come and inspect the car but as of this moment no one has visited.

This news has come as a surprise to the paddock as the Sierra Evo has blasted out of the box to take the top time by a long way, leaving the Cyber Evo team to make up almost a second over the next 3 sessions.

Just to add a little more drama to the situation, the Sierra car is currently out of the running for sessions 2 and 3 with a blown head gasket but they expect to run for the final session which is sure to be a blockbuster ending to a fantastic event. Crucially, the weather has cleared here and the rain clouds that threatened the event have been blown upwind meaning there is plenty of action still to come.

7Tune is live on hand with the latest news and we’ll be back soon with more from a bright and sunny Eastern Creek raceway with more news, entertainment and information.

7TUNE – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words – Adam Zillin

Photos – Adam Zillin and Brendan Mok


There’s been a big upset in the first session for the Pro class with David Empringham taking the Sierra Sierra Lan-Evo to top spot with a commanding 1:29.024; some 7 tenths faster than the best Tarzan Yamada could muster with a 1:29.791. Empringham’s stunning time was made when everybody believed that the track would be at its best and with the threat of rain closing in for the afternoon, there is every chance that we already have our final result. Read more


August 6, 2011 by  
Filed under Circuit Racing, Events, Latest Articles

The 2011 WTAC has already heated up and the pace was frantic from the very minute the lights went out in all three classes. There were plenty of surprises today and none more dramatic than the way Tarzan Yamada clinched top spot in the dying moments of the final session with a 1:30.369 smack-down to his nearest rivals; the Revolution FD RX-7 and the Sierra Sierra Evo Lancer… Read more


Welcome to Eastern Creek Raceway, the home of World Time Attack 2011 for the next three days. Over the next three days we will be bringing you all the action straight from the track, pit and all the action behind the scenes. Be sure to check in regularly to keep up to date with what’s happening at Eastern Creek and watch the event unfold from the comfort of your own home. Read more

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