From the largest super bikes gathering that had a recorded grand total of an estimated 1300 Sports and luxury motorcycles gathering on the main straight of Sepang to the Saturday night rave party and two whole days of intense high octane racing from the ultimate JDM race cars on the Sepang International Circuit that has hosted a staggering 100,000 fans; a whopping 20,000 more from 2012, Super GT round 3 in Malaysia has been an absolute dream. Read more

EVENT – Showcased Presented By The-Lowdown.com

It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney, Australia as it played host to the one of the best meets Sydney has ever seen; Showcased presented by THE-LOWDOWN.com. This was the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts from all over Australia to come together and share their love for cars, whether it’s a time attack machine or a show car on bags, this meet had it all. With cars from interstate driving more than ten hours to attend and workshops working overtime to get their car ready to be debuted at Showcased. Read more


I’ve been looking forward to this event for a while and now the Skylines Australia Nationals 2011 is officially over and what an event it was! Listening to RB motors screaming all day around a track to a nice and quiet Show n shine the day after at Shepparton Showground was quite the contrast… Read more


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Can one venue contain both the Skylines Australia Drag Day and the ProjectD Social Drifts on the same day at the same time?

Click on the pictures for 1000px goodness!

Last weekend hundreds of punters converged at the massive car park at the Western Sydney International Dragway… Read more


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NOB Taniguchi has been working away at his own road driven GT-R R35 of late and when you see what it used to look like when compared to now, you’d be excused for thinking it’s a completely different car…and you’d be right. Read more


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This shot isn’t actually from on the circuit but rather the outer perimeter where the roads lead into and out of Fuji Speedway… Read more


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You’re looking at a very special GT-R Spec V that has been immortalized by the team at Gran Truismo 5; a car that has even had its own scale model created for it… Read more

Gran Turismo 5 (GT5) Launch in Sydney.

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A prize for the midnight launch event

It was all smiles and excitement as people filtered into the midnight launch event organised by Harvey Norman and Sony. A Sony enforced ban on the sale of the game till midnight of the 25th November ensured a large crowd at the event. Gran Turismo 5 is easily this year’s most coveted and anticipated racing game. With constant delays that have pushed back the release date of the game till now. The game shows off Sony’s Playstation 3′s graphic capabilities and gives the game a hyper realistic feel. It’s definitely no Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, but something a little more serious, but no less fun.

R35 GT-R at the launch carpark

Before even stepping into the store there were a few nice cars downstairs, including this R35 GT-R. I have a feeling that a lot of the customers would have rather have had the chance to win this than the scale model.

The time attack racing seat for the GT5 competition

There were 4 of these set ups, i would have happily taken home one. It’s definitely THE way to enjoy the game. A Playstation 3 controller just won’t cut it.

Kazunori Yamauchi: Designer of GT5

Mr Kazunori Yamauchi has outdone himself this time, the cars are so beautifully rendered with excruciatingly fine details present on all cars.

Time Attack Competition

The crowd eager to try their hand at winning the prize.

The end game - A copy of GT5 in hand for the first customer

But in the end this was what it was about. A copy of the game to bring home and enjoy for hours on end.

2010 Tokyo Auto Salon: Stage One

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It has been an exhausting event for retailers, producers, consumers and everyone else in between. Rightly so too because this year marked a distinct turnaround in the vibe, attitude and more than likely, income of the biggest motorshow on the Japanese calendar. This change in energy provided a bumper crowd, non stop action and a feel good ether born of the positive thoughts for the future of things to come.
Read more

Tommy Kaira R35 GT-R Aero Parts Development

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Tommy Kaira have a nice line up of complete cars and they are about to add the R35 Nissan GT-R into the mix with what is shaping up to be very much like WALD’s  R35 GT-R Sports Line.

Read more

I Hate Wallpapers

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I mean, I love them, but there has gotta be a faster way to make them! 7 new wallpapers, if you need them in any specific size let me know and I will personally customize them for you! Read more

Sorry to bother you…

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But we thought you might like to see another GT-R in its natural habitat, we spotted this beast sleeping in a quiet part of Kita-Shinjuku..  The black paint just looks amazing reflecting the sensory overload of Japan around it! Read more

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