Formula Drift returned to Speed City Kuala Lumpur this year with an extremely diverse line-up of drivers from all over the world. Names like Ken Gushi from the US, Daigo “the Ninja” Saito from Japan of which has remained undefeated since the beginning of the Formula Drift Series, Local Malaysian drifting royalty Tengku Djan Ley of which owns the venue turned Battle grounds for this event, Japan D1 drifter Masao Suenaga and Frederic Aasbø
of whom is piloting the beastly V8 powered RS*R Toyota 86 were just some of the star studded entourage of superstars in the Drifting game that participated. Read more


In the wake of Sierra Sierra’s stunning 1:29.024, the Cyber Evo team has launched a protest, claiming that the American team is running NOS; a claim the Sierra Sierra team deny.

Sierra Sierra has invited the Cyber Evo team to come and inspect the car but as of this moment no one has visited.

This news has come as a surprise to the paddock as the Sierra Evo has blasted out of the box to take the top time by a long way, leaving the Cyber Evo team to make up almost a second over the next 3 sessions.

Just to add a little more drama to the situation, the Sierra car is currently out of the running for sessions 2 and 3 with a blown head gasket but they expect to run for the final session which is sure to be a blockbuster ending to a fantastic event. Crucially, the weather has cleared here and the rain clouds that threatened the event have been blown upwind meaning there is plenty of action still to come.

7Tune is live on hand with the latest news and we’ll be back soon with more from a bright and sunny Eastern Creek raceway with more news, entertainment and information.

7TUNE – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words – Adam Zillin

Photos – Adam Zillin and Brendan Mok


There’s been a big upset in the first session for the Pro class with David Empringham taking the Sierra Sierra Lan-Evo to top spot with a commanding 1:29.024; some 7 tenths faster than the best Tarzan Yamada could muster with a 1:29.791. Empringham’s stunning time was made when everybody believed that the track would be at its best and with the threat of rain closing in for the afternoon, there is every chance that we already have our final result. Read more


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The 2011 WTAC has already heated up and the pace was frantic from the very minute the lights went out in all three classes. There were plenty of surprises today and none more dramatic than the way Tarzan Yamada clinched top spot in the dying moments of the final session with a 1:30.369 smack-down to his nearest rivals; the Revolution FD RX-7 and the Sierra Sierra Evo Lancer… Read more


Welcome to Eastern Creek Raceway, the home of World Time Attack 2011 for the next three days. Over the next three days we will be bringing you all the action straight from the track, pit and all the action behind the scenes. Be sure to check in regularly to keep up to date with what’s happening at Eastern Creek and watch the event unfold from the comfort of your own home. Read more


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In a country with such drastic laws to control the growth of vehicle numbers, it’s amazing to find such a dedicated following of JDM enthusiasts. We may complain about high car prices and increasing fuel costs. But this is nothing compared to what a hardcore JDM enthusiast in Singapore has to go through. Whilst in other countries we merely have to contend with rising fuel costs, draconian road laws and mounting public pressure (whilst not having a super efficient public transportation system); Singapore’s potential car buyers have to deal with so much more. After buying a piece of paper which entitles you to own a car, for anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 SGD (2.63- 3.95 million Japanese yen), the driver then has to pay for import duty at 41% of the car’s cost. Following which an additional tax of 150% of the car’s market value is to be paid. Finally a registration fee of 1,000 SGD (65,857 yen) is paid.


This quickly adds up to astronomical sums and deter any potential enthusiasts. Furthermore, after 10 years the car must be scrapped or an additional tax of the same 40,000 to 60,000 SGD has to be paid! This incredible piece of legislation has made Singapore (a country of 700 km2 and 4 million people) to be the second largest exporter of used cars after Japan.


This leaves only dedicated and slightly insane enthusiasts keeping the older cars in working order and prepared to pay the additional money to keep their treasured possessions on the road. So the cars you see here are owned by not just ordinary enthusiasts, but diehard enthusiasts. Willing to go through huge financial hurdles just to own that one ride. A track car with a daily driver is a far and distant dream for many. Whilst owning these cars you could be slapped with many an infringement notice, continually heckled by other drivers who consider you to be a hoon, tax after tax, soaring fuel prices and no track days within the country. If you consider yourself a enthusiast one might ask this, if all these conditions were thrown at you would you still own one of these?


When you think about it, it’s amazing that there are so many older JDM cars still on the road in Singapore. And with such wallet imploding costs involved it’s even more startling to find that cars are modified to such a beautiful degree. Even in the yellow sodium filled streetlights in the hot festering damp, the cars were something to behold. No ratty tatty here, no bumpers falling off, no paint fade or even unpainted putty. All were kept in fantastic shape. Being here tonight has taught me to cherish what we are given.

But the guys i met tonight, they don’t seem perturbed. Eager to chat about parts ordered, plans for the future of their car and general scene culture. Relaxing by railings, watching cars drive by they hardly seem to have a care in the world.

The car enthusiasts of Singapore, i salute you.


Words – Benson Lau

Photos – Benson Lau

Special thanks to – Brendan Mok (9tro Magazine)

Wild Widebody SA22C RX-7

While scouring the pits for the best cars to show you from the 2010 JCCA Fuji Speedway Jamboree, I came across this wild, stripped out SA22C Savanna Mazda RX-7…

Read more

2009 Rotary Tuning Fair At SuperAutobacs Sunshine Wharf, Kobe City

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SuperAutobacs atSunshine Wharf in Kobe regularly holds mini car shows which coincide with campaigns run by the store like a Recaro fair or a Honda Type R fair. For the last four years the Rotary Tuning Fair has been a fixture on SAB Sunshine Wharf’s calendar and this year it’s still going strong… kind of.

Read more

Japfest 2009, Castle Combe, UK

May 23, 2009 by  
Filed under Car Shows, Latest Articles

For those not familiar with Japfest, it’s touted as the “largest Japanese car show in Europe” and previous years saw the cream of the UK J-scene turn up. However, the 2009 edition didn’t seem to offer a real representation of where the UK scene is at the moment. Read more

Daytona 24hr SA22 Savanna look-a-like in the wild..

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[singlepic id=1736 w=587 h=440 float=center]

It’s amazing the things you see just parked on the side of the road in Japan..Early one wet morning back in 2005, I was out with a friend to check out the second last round of D1 at Fuji. The weather was atrocious and the cold temperatures didn’t do much to instill confidence in me of a fun day of motoring ahead. Well that was until we came across this SA22C RX7 treasure parked to the side of the highway toll booths near Mt. Fuji. Read more

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