Wild Widebody SA22C RX-7

While scouring the pits for the best cars to show you from the 2010 JCCA Fuji Speedway Jamboree, I came across this wild, stripped out SA22C Savanna Mazda RX-7…

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2009 Rotary Tuning Fair At SuperAutobacs Sunshine Wharf, Kobe City

November 17, 2009 by  
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SuperAutobacs atSunshine Wharf in Kobe regularly holds mini car shows which coincide with campaigns run by the store like a Recaro fair or a Honda Type R fair. For the last four years the Rotary Tuning Fair has been a fixture on SAB Sunshine Wharf’s calendar and this year it’s still going strong… kind of.

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Japfest 2009, Castle Combe, UK

May 23, 2009 by  
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For those not familiar with Japfest, it’s touted as the “largest Japanese car show in Europe” and previous years saw the cream of the UK J-scene turn up. However, the 2009 edition didn’t seem to offer a real representation of where the UK scene is at the moment. Read more

Daytona 24hr SA22 Savanna look-a-like in the wild..

April 4, 2009 by  
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It’s amazing the things you see just parked on the side of the road in Japan..Early one wet morning back in 2005, I was out with a friend to check out the second last round of D1 at Fuji. The weather was atrocious and the cold temperatures didn’t do much to instill confidence in me of a fun day of motoring ahead. Well that was until we came across this SA22C RX7 treasure parked to the side of the highway toll booths near Mt. Fuji. Read more

“Abandoned” FC RX-7 Update

March 13, 2009 by  
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Japan is a little different from other countries when it comes to car ownership. Instead of being seen as something of value and convenience, some people regard cars as annoying, money wasting piles of metal that lost their purpose the moment the first “Shaken” (vehicle inspection) came around. Read more

New Mazda RX-7 + New RX-8 = RX-9

February 21, 2009 by  
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Goodbye 4-door RX-8, hello “new RX-7″ or to be specific, the RX-9. Mazda’s new 2-door flagship sports car has a few tricks up it’s sleeve and development is well underway… Read more

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