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Akihabara ( or Akiba as everyone calls it ) was like a second home to me for 4 years. I grew to know the place better than where I actually live and have watched it go through some dramatic and irreversible changes over that time. The Akiba of yesterday with its backstreets packed to the brim with odds and ends stores, teeming with colorful characters, is slowly being peeled off, like a snake shedding an old skin; becoming more and more a hub for corporate business. The old world charm is still there in great doses but these days you have to dig a little deeper into the many surrounding sub cultures to get a peek into what Akiba is really like underneath those glaring neon lights illuminating the ever increasing presence of faceless office buildings… Read more

Cosplay & JDM – Similarities?

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Sometimes to better understand the tuning that goes on in Japan, you have to live and experience the culture of Japan. That was the premise of going to watch the Anime Matsuri @ the George Street Cinemas (In Sydney, Australia) for the 14th Japanese Film Festival’s Anime Matsuri. Matsuri simply translated means “festival”. Thus there were many different films to watch and enjoy. My mate (whom we shall call Mr Tartare) recommended watching “Time of Eve”, which was a beautifully done up film (must watch). But the best part of the film was before even entering the cinema. There were people in cosplay roaming around the popcorn counter. In Sydney this is highly unusual, but it made me realise in Japan on a weekend, that this is very normal (in Tokyo).

Taken from Wikipedia

But while i was shaking my head in disbelief at them, i realised that in a way people who love JDM are similar to these guys. We love to experience the culture of the scene as well as the tuning parts offered. For without the culture, the parts wouldn’t be at the level they are. We love the subway hooks, the wakaba leaf, the domokun and even the touge monster.

Taken from screen capture of NHK

Unlike the cosplay people, we don’t dress up ourselves. But we do dress up our cars to get that little bit of the culture in our lives. It’s simple really, our costumes are our cars. So next time i think about giggling at cosplayers, i’m going to remember that i too love the culture :)

Sneak Peek – The Daikoku Dairies

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We all love Daikoku Futo. Who doesn’t? It’s a place that stuns the senses, defies every rule about car scenes and their participants and leaves any foreign visitor in complete awe and wonder. Many of you can’t get over here to see it first hand so allow me to help you get a regular serve of it!

Read more

Tomei Touring: Inside Tomei’s HQ

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From humble beginnings back in the late 1960′s, Tomei has become synonymous with tuning the world over.

Read more

2010 Tokyo Auto Salon Official Book Released

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It’s one of those books that would make a great coffee table companion even if you can’t read a word of Japanese…

Read more

Imported USDM 2009 Acura TL

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Ever wanted to put JDM parts on your Japanese car to make it stand out from the local models in your country? Well Japanese car enthusiasts like to do that too with export market parts, only sometimes they go all the way and import the foreign model to Japan complete with LHD.

Read more

Driving Impressions: Audi RS6

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We don’t often feature high performance Euros (in fact this is the first time) but Audi’s powerhouse sedan was an offer too good to refuse for Adam, especially when that offer included a drive in a modified R35 Nissan GT-R! For the first in this two part series, let’s have a look at how the Audi RS6 handled the Hakone Skyline road in Shizuoka.

Read more

Hot Off The Press! 2009 Tokyo Motor Show Sneak Peek

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Peter Horniak and Adam Zillin are at the 41st Tokyo Motor Show for 7Tune and here are the first photos through from the opening press-only day today. Read more

10 Tips for your first trip to Japan

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Your first time in Japan will blow you away! It’s an absolutely jaw dropping wonderland. The size and scale of Japan can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few quick tips we’ve found essential while living/traveling around Japan. Read more

Nostalgic Car Show 2009 – Common Snapper

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Here are some more images from the Nostalgic Car Show. Read more

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