On the 8th of September 7Tune will be part of a new concept: DUMPd! Taking place in an abandoned factory in Ede (The Netherlands), all the ingredients are in place for a special event! The organization behind the event invited us for a sneak preview of the location and we where pleasantly surprised!

The old Enka factory is the place of venue. Build in 1920, it started life as a cocaine factory. Later on in life they transformed it into a rayon factory. The production line stopped rolling in 2002 and the building was declared a national monument straight away.

It’s been abandoned ever since and has only been used occasionally for small local events.
The place ouzes with character and you can still find remains of it’s history all around the premises!

With over 15000 square meters of space there’s plenty of room to display some special metal! The indoor area is big enough for about 550 cars and is reserved for selected cars only. The registration form can be found at the DUMPd website! But there’s also plenty of room outside with space for about 600 cars and a reserved space for regular visitors.

The organization invited some sweet rides so that we got a little feeling of what to expect on the 8th of September! This rat look Beetle on air looked awesome as it scraped it’s way into the main hall!

Or how about this awesome BMW E30? Ticking all the right boxes: K-Sport coilovers with camberplates, BBS RS rims and M5 power plant it sure was a car to fall in love with!

The organization didn’t forget to invite some JDM metal! These two slammed Civics rolled in together and both looked the part!

There was plenty of epic non-JDM material to play around with as well! And Mat and myself sure enjoyed nosing trough the deserted building!

To finish of the day in style Django from DjangoMk1.com invited us to his shed for something special!

He was kind enough to lent his wall to the organization for a piece of DUMPd!

The end result was impressive to say the least!

Mat, myself and the whole crew at 7Tune look forward to the 8th of September!
All the ingredients are in place for a great new concept and we hope to greet you there!

DUMPd is supported by:
Simply Clean
Just Stance
Wheel Whores

And make sure to check out the awesome preview video Mat has put together!

“Be scene at DUMPd

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Words and Photo’s – Allard van Grafhorst

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