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Right now, I’m down in Nagoya with Kato san and the crew from Liberty Walk Japan. If you haven’t heard of them I would be very surprised since they have exploded onto the international stage with some of the wildest custom supercars the world has seen. After a long haul south from Tokyo to Nagoya in the new 3 series Active Hybrid, I got some down time with new friends at a great Yakiniku restaurant where the stories and beer flowed freely…


Tomorrow is a special occasion where some of the countries finest supercars will gather in one place for a massive meet. Kato organizes these events periodically and last month he invited me down to complement the media support team. To give you an idea how big these gatherings are, last year in October, over 350 supercars were in attendance. Just think about that for a moment and then you can wipe the drool from the floor… ;)


First stop was the showroom where a few of Kato’s close customers and friends gathered to meet before dinner. A good indicator of what is to come in the features I’m posting up in the coming days is the brace of million dollar supercars currently sleeping at the Liberty Walk garage. Among them is the only Gumpert Apollo S in Japan.


I’d seen the car last month but this time around it wasn’t as confined, so I crawled over it, taking in all its magnificent details.


Photos don’t do this monster justice and it really is an intimidating and uncompromising machine to behold in the metal.


The interior may as well be out of the Apollo space shuttle…


…because you are literally being strapped to the firewall for blast off without even the slightest hint of padding. Mechanically, it’s a masterpiece and I simply can’t wait to shoot it in more detail tomorrow.


Purists are going to hate me for this but Kato’s white F40 is a work of art.


Sure I know red is the only color an F40 “should” wear but you can’t deny the striking presence of arguably the most unique F40 in the world.


I will call it Shadowfax from now on. Just let me drive it for 30 minutes Kato san and I can die a happy man…


The whole world by now knows of the “brushed aluminum” wrapped Lambo Aventador. The owner is here to enjoy the festivities tomorrow and I have time with the car alone before we set off so you can expect more on that in a coming post.


With time running short, we hightailed it to a great Yakiniku BBQ restaurant close by Liberty Walk. Kato ordered the finest options from the menu and drinks all round. He’s such an animated guy and speaks in rapid fire Japanese, so fast it’s hard for me to keep up!


When I do catch what he’s saying it’s hilarious and he’s constantly firing off jokes and jibes at us – he’s great company without doubt! One memorable story was about Kato being in Italy just the other week with some friends for the 50th anniversary for the Lamborghini brand. It seemed the only common theme was him and his friends constantly getting pulled over by police and laughing it all off in their own baller ways. I had no idea Italy was so anal about car modifications and also didn’t know it’s illegal to wear beach sandals when driving there! I mean… what??


He loves his spicy Korean food too and that’s a good thing – this place happens to be Korean inspired yakiniku.


My buddy Ryo Kawamura (center) is Kato’s right hand man and he’s constantly run off his feet. The phone never stopped ringing the whole time we were there but he organizes things brilliantly. Thanks for everything Ryo!


It was a great night out with a very early start for everyone tomorrow. It’s going to be amazing… and we all hope the threat of rain is nothing but an empty one.

I’ll have more from the coming meet shortly!

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Words and Photos – Adam Zillin

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