Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 Ladies: Part I

Recently we here at have been throwing around different ideas on what kind of content we should be putting up and what kind of work we should be doing to keep you, our beloved readership, coming back!Well after some short deliberation, one section that we’ve unanimously decided on improving is the Girls of 7tune section. It’s not that we have trouble finding suitable candidates to shoot, it’s just that Steve our Administrator always seems to scare them off whenever we get close! Well with Steve back in Australia, I thought now was a good time to dust off this section and stock it up with some eye candy.

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For our first installment, we’ll take a look at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon. Whilst TAS brings together some of the latest mechanical and modified car eye candy, it also bring the highest number of ladies to accompany them. So, without any more hesitation here is a glimpse of what went down in 2009.

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