Toyota 086A ‘Toyobaru’ to Debut at Tokyo Motorshow

With news that a lot of foreign makers will not be attending this years Tokyo Motor Show, the limelight will definitely be on local JDM makers and what new toys they have to offer. One of the most hotly anticipated and debated JDM vehicles in recent months has been the Toyota Subaru ‘Toyobaru’ FR Sports coupe and things are now looking to get a whole lot more exciting at TMS with Toyota staff leaking news that the coupe will go on show this October!

086A Toyota to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show
086A Toyota to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

Rumored as the successor to the JDM AE86, Toyota has been aiming to introduce a cheap entry level sports car to their line up and bring sports car fun back to the masses. It seems though that keeping the price down has been a bit of a difficult job and staff close to the project say that the original two million yen mark might be difficult to achieve. New estimates have been set and the the final price will creep close to the two and a half million mark. With Tokyo Motor Show just three months away this is very exciting news for JDM fans and we will be waiting to see what Toyota and other makers bring to the table come Ocotober.

Words: Peter Horniak
Image: Best Car

19 thoughts on “Toyota 086A ‘Toyobaru’ to Debut at Tokyo Motorshow”

  1. With many foreign makers not being able to make it this year, I think at least Toyota won’t have to worry about space issues 😛
    LF-A may also be situated in the Lexus stand.

  2. So, how Toyota and Subaru will share the markets, is Scion anyhow involved in this, we will have the Toyota or the Subaru version in the EU, will be the new Supra a rival for the GT-R or for the 370Z, what will Honda bring at Tokyo to stand against Toyota, how Takanobu Ito(the creator of the brilliant all-aluminum chassis of the NSX) will influence the future of Honda’s models, will he put the new NSX project back on line? Damn so many questions regarding Tokyo Motor Show. Oh and any info about the new Lexus compact that will debut at Frankfurt Motor Show this year?

  3. There’s a real void in the market for a Rwd around 20k and they see it. Even if no one is really buying cars, this will come along and pursuade a lot of people, people will buy a good product.

    Hopefully they have an Sti variant on the Subaru end.

  4. Keep in mind everyone that any info from Holiday, Best car, or Car Top is speculation and rumors. Much of it becomes true but much also doesn’t become true.

    Does that mean that 7tune shouldn’t post it? I say no. I think it is great to read and I thank 7tune for doing that. They are the only website that does that and it is why I always come back.

    Thanks for the update

    1. Derek: Usually with BC, HA etc they are pretty much on the money with the bigger scoops. It’s the smaller details like engine sizes/power outputs, dimensions, release dates and so on that often get changed or are pure speculation. A good example is the “VR38VETT” engine code article by Holiday Auto back in mid-2007. No one saw that coming, but even so they were on the money and only got one letter wrong. Point is when these mags “go out on a limb” to scoop something it’s usually for a very good reason.

      I’d be expecting at least some kind of compact RWD coupe concept by Toyota at the TMS in October.

  5. Post to your heart’s fullest desire, but confirmations and kill-offs have begun a tug-o-war with my heart strings!

  6. Hi Justin, ever since I’ve been getting news letters from 7tune my whole car life has change all the way in Jamaica. Could you guys send me some scoop on the Toyota hiace 200 series gas/dsl, super gl’s, wide & wide high roof. Could you recommend some links to source aero kits, rims ect. I’m Hiace 200 crazy from Jamaica.

  7. why don’t they just manufacture the old hachiroku again? kinda like how nike worked its magic on the nike dunks, AF1’s etc. i think it’s gonna work on cars, not just shoes. retro-ing cars is the wave of the future!

  8. I don’t think Toyota will ever remake the AE86, but I would be the first to pitch me tent at the dealer ship to wait for the truck if they ever. Now wouldn’t it be nice if they got a 3rd party company to do it? Like Kid Heart build the Sil-80’s for Nissan? Now maybe there’s an idead -__^

  9. Kevin, sounds like a great idea, but I think Toyota have already realized where they have gone wrong and I believe that they will bring something to the market that will rival the AE86. We’ve just gotta figure out a way to stop Takumi from Initial D getting his hands on one and jacking up the price…

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