Toyota Subaru 086A ‘Toyobaru’ Sports Compact Still in the Works

May 24, 2009 by  
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At the recent Nostalgic Car Show in Tokyo’s Odaiba, 7Tune got busy talking with a few people in the know about a certain two door coupe.  Indeed there has been a lot of talk and rumors about the jointly developed ‘Toyobaru’ sports coupe in the news of late. However we have it on good authority that development of this machine is still going ahead, albeit on a reduced scale.

Toyobaru Still in the Works

Toyobaru Still in the Works

It is said that the new CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, is very fond of motorsports and has been pushing to see Toyota release the 086A onto the market in the near future. Whilst the economic situation in the world today doesn’t lend a hand to his cause, some curtailments in costs and a “3rd priority” ranking have allowed development to continue moving on this very anticipated car. What we can say for now is that the sports coupe is not yet dead and that Toyota, like the rest of the world, is just awaiting a better global situation to get this car out.

No doubt the recent success of the Hyundai Genesis has provided a little inspiration to keep things moving! The 086A has the potential to become an instant cult car amongst the drifting and import tuner communities.

Words: Peter Horniak
Image: Best Car

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  • JDrift

    crosses fingers ****

  • STJ

    So is it still on for a 2012 release?

  • honblile

    Hi, nice posts there :-) through’s recompense the gripping word

  • Justin Karow

    Nissan should follow suit and continue with their compact sports car but if I were to bet on either one, Toyota would be the favorite simply because their current line up needs something like this so badly… and the LF-A.

  • Peter Horniak

    STJ: It’s hard to say yes or no, but if Toyoda has his way this car should be out by 2012, maybe in time for a economic revival?

  • Gouki

    it is good to know that it is still alive!

    The Hachi-Roku shall rise and take back the mountain roads once again!!!!!!!

  • dorichan

    thats good news i will definately get one now ! actually now i dont care about the boxer engine so much… weird hehe

  • James Baker

    You know,it would be really nice to see a comeback of the Japanese entry level sportser. The Celica,the original RX-7,and Nissan Silvia models,I know they weren’t called that here in the U.S.. Even something like the Corolla SR-5 from the 80′s were pretty cool sporters.

  • Justin Karow

    Tanner Faust’s RWD Scion tC is a good example of what Toyota should’ve done to save them going to all that trouble!

  • SteveTX

    Pete- What I want to know is…where’s the Nostalgic Car write/pictures?

    I need my “ken meri” fix!

  • 2L Turbo

    If Toyota executives reading this:

    “I know you manufacture cars that sells in million and make as much as money possible out of those, but please make at list real sports car even if you make a little loss. I am a die hard Toyota fan but I am disappointed as there is no real sports car in your line up. Best of wishes”

  • R.Francisco

    More to the point, if you [Toyota] don’t make a car of this sort you’re really going to be letting a lot of people down, and/or pissing a lot of people off. You had numerous great cars, and now you build for the elderly. Really, the genesis coupe is quite beatable. If you keep the weight down below 3k, and can give us a 2.0-2.2l turbocharged powerplant with rear-wheel drive, many will thank you. Do yourself a favor.

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