Video: Toyota/Subaru 086A At The Nürburgring

Tim O’Grady dropped us a line to et us know that posted the first video of the Toyota/Subaru 086A test mule at the Nürburgring. Thanks Tim!



Having watched the video a number of times I had to remind myself that this is just a test car and not to draw too many conclusions from it. It’s pretty hard to hear the engine note over the tire squealing, but towards the end of the video when the 086A leaves the circuit it definitely sounds like a naturally aspirated boxer four. It moved reasonably well around the few corners we could see of the Nürburgring and seems as though it packs every one of those 200 horses the car is rumored to have. We’re eagerly waiting to see the next time it hits the circuit, hopefully in a more production-like body shell rather than the slapped together Impreza parts bin exterior it has now.

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There’s also a high resolution image of the 086A’s interior, but at this point it’s as haphazardly slapped together as the outside unfortunately so there’s nothing really to be taken from it other than the fact that it’s left hand drive. (Hence the large yellow “L” on the back window?)

Words: Justin Karow

8 thoughts on “Video: Toyota/Subaru 086A At The Nürburgring”

  1. This has made me want this car even more. Even though it’s a test car it looks pretty well balanced through the corner with the concrete patch although that was some pretty big understeer at the 20 second mark.

  2. I noticed those widened front fenders are coming out rather nicely. The car looks surprisingly stable yet still maintains a go-kart-esque attitude, must be that low curb weight. I was actually expecting something a little less balanced for a mule.

  3. I just watched it once but from what I see it look light weight and nimble. Somewhat AE86y but more stable and with a better suspension setup. It has got me excited.

    I saw the big yellow L on the back too but why would it be there unless they are testing in another country. Germany is LHD. That would be like having a big L on the back in America.

    I like the E30 style rear lights. Yay 80’s!!! Could it be a retro style for the production model (joking).

    +1 for this car every time I see or hear more.

  4. @ Derek, I would’ve thought the big yellow L was there for the Japanese guys working on it to know which car is which (maybe they have a RHD one there too) when they’re unloading it, storing it etc? Just my guess.

  5. It just looks like they slapped on the air-con vents up and other things onto the standard GE dash in the interior shot.

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