Two New Solid Alliance SushiDisk USB Memory Sticks


Expanding its SushiDisk line of novelty USB memory sticks, Solid Alliance introduces two new varieties to whet your appetite.

Available in 1-4GB capacities, SushiDisk USB memory sticks have been a best seller for Solid Alliance for a few years now, and these two latest additions ‘Aji’ (taste) and ‘Tamago’ (egg) are what they claim as their “most realistic to date”. Currently only 1GB storage space is available for these two new arrivals. The Tamago retails for 8,480 yen per piece, while the Aji is slightly cheaper at 7,980 yen per piece. Sets of 3 right up to 10 pieces can also be purchased aswell as Japanese tea cups – for that ‘complete look’ – and USB extension cables.

Solid Alliance has a large range of USB memory sticks and mobile phone ‘Ghost/UFO Radars’… which have to be the most unique item you could ever attach to your phone… (we’ll go into that another time!) most of which carry a novelty theme. Contact for purchasing details and shipping information.

Text: Justin Karow

Photos: Solid Alliance

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