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The team at 7tune.com is now moving toward a relief effort for the people suffering without heat, food or water in northern Japan. Read on to find out how you can help us and keep in mind every little bit counts

The whole world is appalled and deeply saddened by the situation being endured in northern Japan and for those of us living here it is especially difficult to watch or sit through so we have decided that instead of fleeing the country or heading south to Osaka and beyond, it is better to stand and fight for the safety of those affected and to accomplish this, we need your help. And we need it presently.

We will be traveling to Sendai, the virtual epicenter for all the chaos that followed the quake that shook Japan to pieces, to distribute aid and supplies with 7tune taking the dual role of cataloging the experience as it unfolds so you can see your care is going to those that need it most. Personally, I do expect my heart to be broken many times over in the coming days and am not looking forward to that experience very much at all but the fact remains, that this is home for all of us and I am willing to do what I can to help restore it with whatever means necessary.

Together, we have mobilized a dedicated team of people along with 9 trucks and cars to head into Sendai early this week and will be taking with us thousands of dollars in food, clothing and supplies plus nearly 5000 liters of water and 500 liters of heater fuel. We are in talks with several companies and corporations and with more backing we could easily achieve more.

At the very least we want to double up our efforts each time we head in. The more impact we have in making peoples lives easier, the faster we can recover from this mess.

Thanks to the talented David Oshima from Red Bull Japan, we at 7tune have had designed some special stickers to be used as tokens of the Japanese people’s appreciation for your generous offerings of support.

The 7ball is present but the 7tune orange has given way to the Japanese red to symbolize our feelings toward the cause.

And with this, you won’t need to say a thing about the vinyl because everyone who sees it will know you’ve made a difference…

Each set comes together, featuring words that tell the world and all your loved ones that you, along with all of us battling these difficult times, are in full support of Japan’s efforts.

Place them on your car. Stick them to your fridge. Put them on your computers. Tell your friends that you too, helped Japan get back on its feet. The money raised will go toward food, supplies, toys and baby goods, heating fuel, clothing and medicine for those that desperately need it. Remember – the more you support, the more we can too.

Please know that you guys are as much a part of the Ultimate JDM Experience as we are!

So… how do you get them? Well, we have decided to offer these stickers to the world for FREE but we will leave it up to YOU to decide how much the stickers are worth to you. Through Paypal, you can pay as much ( or as little ) as you like – YOU tell us how much support you’d like to give and we will put it to work immediately!

So here’s how it will work…

1. Make a “SEND MONEY” transaction ( for either goods or services ) through Paypal to [email protected] and specify what you think your support for our efforts is worth in exchange for our stickers!

2. Email an address to [email protected] ( or make sure to leave one in Paypal ) so we can send out your support stickers!

3. Wait a bit and receive your stickers in the post! 

4. Bask in the warm glow of satisfaction that helping Japan has brought you!


7tune has been the Ultimate JDM Experience for 6 years now and we aren’t going anywhere, no matter what. We are committed to Japan’s cause so get behind us guys and girls – we need you. The Japanese need you even more…

Any questions can be answered by sending mail to the following address – [email protected]

And don’t forget to share this with your friends!!

Words – Adam Zillin

Sticker Designs – David Oshima

7TUNE.com – The Ultimate JDM Experience

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  • http://FUELEDmag.com FUELEDmag Moses

    Thank you Adam on behalf of all of us who can not be there. FUELEDmag is here to support your actions and can’t wait to visit Japan soon. It has always been a dream of mine to experience Japan the people and the culture. Japan is a strong land and we know it will overcome these hard times with what you are doing and all of our help.

  • http://www.lonephantom.com Stephen

    Great work guys. I hope it all works out well for you. Try not to have your heart broken, you will be bringing a little bit of happiness and joy to those who have suffered, and will mend any cracks that may appear. I don’t have much money at all these days, but I will try to throw in a few $$$ if I can. :)

  • http://7tune.com Adam Zillin

    Every little bit counts Steve. Leaving for Minakami to meet the crew now. Tanks a bit empty with only 3 hours sleep though!

  • Sapo

    I send the money now, good luck for the reconstruction of Japan.

  • Marcel

    Just donated, keep up the good work!

  • http://www.lonephantom.com LonePhantom

    No worries Adam, as soon as my PayPal account is fully functional again (was limited due to new Australian legislation) I’ll pass through a few $$$. Wont be much though unfortunately, but I do want to help.

  • http://FUELEDmag.com FUELEDmag Moses

    Just donated please let me know if you got it. Good luck out there Adam

  • Nismo

    Just donated! Come on everyone please help any way you can. Good luck to you Adam and thank you for creating this so we can give back. Peace!

  • http://minds-farm.blogspot.com/ Matt


  • http://7tune.com Adam Zillin

    Guys, all donation received and will be heading to those that need the assistance!

  • http://7tune.com Adam Zillin

    Stickers are on their way!

  • Sean S

    Just donated, sorry it couldn’t be more, but hopefully it will help!

  • Liam

    donated, hoping you guys get plenty more.

  • Gary Retallick

    where exactly is the money going to? —— why should I believe you

  • http://7tune.com Adam Zillin

    The answer to that one is easy Gary. He’s called Beau. We’re putting it toward supplies for what looks to be the last trip. The big aid organizations are trying to monopolize all help in the region.

  • Mark Zillin

    Gary I am surprised that a man of your reputed intelligence would say something like this, particularly in light of Beau’s (your son’s) thwarted plight to provide support for the Japanese people. My fault for overestimating your so called intelligence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robbo


    Can I recommend these? I will donate to this cause and the money could be well spent on some of these. They can filter ANY water, up to 16 thousand litres in total before they need a replacement filter. Sounds like a better option than buying bottled water.

  • Chris

    I’ve made a donation. Keep up the awesome work!

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