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On a recent test with the Subaru BRZ, I decided to verify the manufacturers claims on its run to 100kph. The results were a surprise. Many claimed that the car could only manage the sprint to 100kph in a tick over 7 seconds but I managed to get the car to launch and reach the marker point in a timed 6.2 seconds. I think the manufacturers are downplaying the performance of the car for some reason, perhaps in an attempt to drive hype but it’s a counter intuitive approach…

Indeed a lot of publications have said the same. Many recorded 7-something times but I really don’t think the car was launched correctly. With 4500rom dialed in on the tacho and the traction control set to soft mode, the car sprinted away to reach 100kph in just over 6 seconds. I think it’s faster too because my change into 3rd gear was a little too soft as you can see, but by the time the car has reached the top of 2nd gear, it’s getting very close to 100kph. I suspect with the perfect start, a sub 6 second 0-100kph time is achievable.

That’s impressive enough for what this car is completely stock standard. Don’t count on the Auto being anywhere near as fast, though…

But keep one thing in mind; this was set with the heaviest and costliest version of the car. The stripped out base model will definitely hit sub 6 second times…

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  • JamesL

    BS. Don’t believe it for a second. 

    • 7Tune

      And you’re more that welcome to your own opinions JamesL. Too bad they don’t carry weight against a stop watch.

      Believe it.

  • Kingtossa

    Maybe theres another tenth without having to correct the wheel at the start lol

  • Me

    so you take off at 3 seconds and change to 3rd at 10 seconds “close to 100kph”. So 10-3=6 ???

  • Lordofthedance

    What a ridiculous test and inaccurate test. Thanks for your estimation. 

  • Lordofthedance

    What a ridiculous test and inaccurate test. Thanks for your estimation. 

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