F1 has enough problems trying to deal with hosting an event within a nation in chaos, let alone explain the potential Japanese PR catastrophe that an inattentive and errant Japanese staff member almost inflicted at this weekends Red Bull sponsored public demonstration. The video that follows is a stark reminder that motor racing is dangerous ( potentially fatal ) and that mindless idiots shouldn’t be anywhere near it or the cars involved…

Sebastien Buemi may have the reflexes of a cat on crack cocaine ( not that we’d know about that ) but there was no way even he could have seen the stupidity coming. Buemi was very lucky he wasn’t injured in the process. The jumper was lucky he didn’t get himself killed.

Funniest part is that we saw this video when it was at a mere 308 views… now its well over a million!!

Here’s a proper length video although it’s in German. More footage will surface in the interim while the guy responsible for this nonsense has most certainly gone to ground…

Remember Kids, look both ways before crossing the street… you never know when an F1 car will silently come from out of nowhere and take you out… – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words – Adam Zillin

Video – Blick Germany


  1. walkingonsunshine

    Planking is an old fad now so people have resorted to the next best/dangerous thing, jumping f1 cars!

  2. Idiot of the month. Not even Neo from matrix can evade that. The Red Bull arch blocked Seb’s view but for he life of me is that reporter deaf? Couldn’t he hear the F1 engine? Or is redbull using an electric engine? You can see Seb was mighty angry in the Blick news.

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