Video: Kaidou Racers

It’s not often we feature Youtube videos but this one popped up and was worth a look. It’s a bousouzoku cruise with maybe 30 or more kaidou (highway) racers and other shakotan (lowered vehicles) all trying to make as much noise as possible.

Check out 1:37, there’s a wacky SA22 Mazda RX-7 not unlike what Peter Horniak saw a while back on the side of a street, also at 2:00 there’s what looks like an old Toyota Soarer… with its top down… in the pouring rain… with a guy in a tiger suit… sitting on the window sill… and dancing. OK, now I’ve seen everything!

Justin Karow

16 thoughts on “Video: Kaidou Racers”

  1. Wait………., the next featured car on 7 tune should be the blue toyota soarer with the dancing tiger and construction workers. Im showing this video to all my friends here in New York,Its awesome. hahaa

  2. ^^thats police talk lol

    im a huge fan of bouso style cars but there were a couple of cars that would have looked heaps better if there wasnt the hint of bouso added to them there was a cressy and a old skyline that had the shakotan look down no crazy kits but then a 10foot exhaust was too little to pull of the ludicris bouso look and too much to keep the car simple and sexy

  3. no not police talk just thought it would be funny hitting a tiger on the highway… uh-oh… not so funny but i cant help it lol

  4. If you had said this was in any other country than Japan, I wouldn’t have believed you.

    BTW- What’s up with that music? It sounds like horrible combination of J-Pop and Rockabilly.

  5. when you said “in a tiger suit”, i thought you referred to the tiger-print jumpsuit…but it was actually a tiger suit…lol…

  6. That whole section driving along side the mohawked, bat wielding guy and his tiger friend felt reminiscent of those old arcade shooting & driving games, I almost expected a cross hair to come up over them haha utterly ridonkulous stuff.

    Had to watch “Dai Vs Bosozoku master” again after this 😀

    5rki: I defiantly hear “The lion sleeps tonight” in there, sped up as the melody lol

  7. I’m sorry.. I can’t dig this…. It’s simple ridiculous…. I mean, what’s with the freackin’ exhaust!? Ridiculous…

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