7Tune is proud to announce the exclusive release for Abflug’s latest designs ahead of the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon. In this brief glance at the concepts that are slated to make an appearance on the Abflug stand at the TAS in January, one design stands out head and shoulders among them all when it comes to Japanese performance car enthusiasts; the Abflug “Spiral 86″…

Abflug have taken cues from the global explosion in popularity of the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ and have come up with a simply breathtakingly beautiful and simplistic design that accentuates the natural curves and lines of the 86. Abflug, not known for their subtlety, have added some aggressiveness to the kit in the front and rear bumpers, with deliberately styled inlets taking on curvy and angular forms. There are four pieces to the kit in total and designs were made as practical as possible for ease of installation and fitting.

From the rear, the car looks simply formidable and yet, it has a graceful, purposeful and elegant appearance to it when looked at as a complete package. The “Spiral 86” reclaims a position in the tuning industry for Abflug that was in danger of being overlooked, with Japanese car enthusiasts wondering if the legendary styler would be able to reclaim its former glory using a more relevant platform. The Toyota 86 addresses these concerns and firmly states that Abflug is back at the heart of tuning and here to stay.

This Tokyo Auto Salon “Spiral 86” has not been left with just visual upgrades either. That is not the Abflug way. In conjunction with power tuners Pentroof, you’ll find an HKS GT Supercharger mated to the FA20 Boxer flat four and Pentroof’s exclusive Water Bypass system. Utilizing Pentroof’s special FA20 ROM tune, the boxer produces 258ps @ 6300rpm of power and 33.2kg’s of Twist @ 6600rpm. Giving the car added burble is a Hi-Power HKS Spec L muffler. Suspension is more than catered for with HKS goodies including HIPERMAX IV GT coil overs.

One other aspect of the car that is sure to draw attention are the exclusive Abflug Prism III 19 inch alloys on the Spiral 86. Up front they measure an 8J with a +37 offset. At the back, you have a 9.5J with an offset of +31. The entire package rolls on Yokohama ADVAN SPORTS tires; 235/35/ZR19 and 255/30ZR19 respectively.

Concepts aside, this return to its roots in Japanese tuning cars is welcome news to all followers of the iconic Abflug brand.

There is no word on pricing as yet but 7Tune is now an official reseller for Abflug and sales or trade enquiries are welcome. Contact can be made to Adam Zillin at for further information, service and support.

And of course, 7Tune will be at the Tokyo Auto Salon in January to cover this awesome Abflug release and you can be sure to see a feature on the 7Tune blog as soon as we can get our cameras on it.

Words – Adam Zillin

Images – Abflug/Pentroof


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