In the wake of Sierra Sierra’s stunning 1:29.024, the Cyber Evo team has launched a protest, claiming that the American team is running NOS; a claim the Sierra Sierra team deny.

Sierra Sierra has invited the Cyber Evo team to come and inspect the car but as of this moment no one has visited.

This news has come as a surprise to the paddock as the Sierra Evo has blasted out of the box to take the top time by a long way, leaving the Cyber Evo team to make up almost a second over the next 3 sessions.

Just to add a little more drama to the situation, the Sierra car is currently out of the running for sessions 2 and 3 with a blown head gasket but they expect to run for the final session which is sure to be a blockbuster ending to a fantastic event. Crucially, the weather has cleared here and the rain clouds that threatened the event have been blown upwind meaning there is plenty of action still to come.

7Tune is live on hand with the latest news and we’ll be back soon with more from a bright and sunny Eastern Creek raceway with more news, entertainment and information.

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Words – Adam Zillin

Photos – Adam Zillin and Brendan Mok


  1. So the Cyber Evo team tries protesting the Sierra Sierra team by saying they were using “NOS” when SSE ran a 1:29.024…so wheres the protest now that the Cyber Evo just ran a 1:28.851? Sore Japs?

    1. Get your facts right first… Sun Racing and Revolution Garage aren’t saying they’re using Nitrous because of their lap time, rather the top speed they clocked at the end of the main straight which was 280kph+.

      Sierra Sierra Enterprise didn’t help it by blocking off their pit garage. Everyone else was running open to media and spectators so why didn’t they? Not saying they did use Nitrous, truth will be uncovered by any impending investigation but was it really necessary to block everyone from watching them go about their business?

      1. It is their decision to allow spectators or not. Some people work better without media trying to ask questions, snap pictures, etc.. They came a very long way to attend this event and obviously didn’t want any distractions. I would love to see some blog posts showing the crew in action but I can respect that they want some privacy when working on the car. They are a very professional team and I have no doubt they were running within the WTAC rules.

        1. Hi Dan

          Like I said, I don’t know if they did or didn’t at the time but from the view of spectators that heard bits and pieces from the commentators and SSE blocking off their pits regardless of their intention creates a certain pov to be taken.

          As mentioned in my previous comment, this isn’t a dig at SSE, just a comment from the pov of spectators. I can appreciate private space to work on their car etc Media do tend to get in the way most of the time… Though if you think about it, of all the cars running that day, only SSE area was walled off, if you look at it from that pov, you may get what I’m trying to say as well.

      2. The blocking of Sierra Sierra garage had nothing to do with any undue secrecy. Once a protest is launch it needs to be officially investigated, which has to happen without any interruptions and in proper manner.

        Apart from that short period Sierra Sierra had their garage open to the public for the entire two days and we, as the organisers, have nothing but praise for them and their conduct throughout the event.

        And just to make things very clear; there was nothing on SSE car that was outside WTAC rules. Hope this clears things up.

        Greg Lysien

        1. Hi Greg,

          Thanks for that, I checked in with friends in both camps and they said nothing eventuated either so all good =)

  2. So the Cyber Evo team tries protesting the Sierra Sierra team by saying they were using “NOS” when SSE ran a 1:29.024…so wheres the protest now that the Cyber Evo just ran a 1:28.851? Sore Japs?

    1. They’re not ‘One-off’ tires. They’re ‘WTAC’ Specific tires which are not available/have not gone on sale in Japan.

  3. If you take a step back and look at the “stalling” and “sandbagging” techniques used in Formula 1 it all makes sense. There was a lot of “mind games” being played out in the pits on Saturday. At the end of the day only one thing matters – the fastest lap time.

  4. No wonder there are/were so many people ignorantly crying about “sse cheating”… because of fools on the internet jumping the gun making posts based on assumptions without research.

    There was a reason for the blocking of the pit, and it had nothing to do with hiding anything besides the uniqul seal SSE uses.

    The time SSE ran was not the cause for the “launched protest” (lol), the trap speed was.

    … almost 280kmph?? Uhh, no, they actually hit 297+kmph… lol, SSE is awesome.

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