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There’s a little car park on the Daisan Keihin expressway where people can take a break from their journey, stretch their legs, sip some canned coffee and continue on their way. Some stay a while, some crash for a lot longer. This particular car park was the starting point for today’s supercar cruise meet. And then, from out of nowhere, what do you suppose turns up in front of me?

I did one of those double takes; you know, the ones where your “Eyes widen and you spit coffee out through your nose“, type double takes…

No, there’s absolutely no freakin’ way it’s the same car. It couldn’t be. Not here… not like this!“, I told myself.

But hang on…those Equips look so familiar and yet… the color of the car is completely different…? What’s with the National Lampoons Vacation paintjob, anyway?

This is what it used to look like…

…and those Equips look like they’ve seen better days but I see he’s still ballin’ with the stickers on the tyres! Wonder how many he’s been through since April last year…?

I think the green suited it much better actually.

But the plate numbers match! It IS Oni Camber; the car made famous by posting it to youtube; that backside dragging, spark throwing Y33 Cedric I shot from my Forester STi about 8 months ago. If you haven’t seen the video, you’ve been missing out – both videos combine for a total of more than 1.7 million hits and over a thousand comments so far. But headphones please…I accidentally dropped a major WTF Bomb when I saw this so it may or may not be SFW!

And yet, because of these 2 little videos, if you search for anything “Oni Camber” related on Google, you’ll find the first two pages are saturated with 7tune related content. Unintentionally, 7tune and Oni Camber are now inseparable! The net’s a funny place sometimes…but we like it that way.

Video 1 – The “WTF-Bomb” Version

Video 2 – The “Double Rainbow All the Way” version

yes. I got excited. Japan does that to car afficionados sometimes…

I couldn’t find the owner and in all the commotion of millions of dollars of super car metal simultaneously pouring in through the entrances, my attention was diverted and I neglected to leave a calling card. But seriously…

In a country of 125 million people, and countless cars among them, how…HOW I ask, did I manage to pull into the only car park in the whole of Japan out of thousands of car parks, only to find myself face to face with the very car that caused such a global stir for 7tune in April last year.

Japan, that’s what it is. Only in Japan…

Or maybe it’s just me…? 😉

Words and Photos – Adam Zillin – The Ultimate JDM Experience


  1. I dont believe it – i saw these videos before but you just random bump into the SAME guy and his car on a day you didnt plan? Thats too strange to put to ignoring it.

    You have something special maybe Adam! Something…I dont know what it is!

  2. Incredible. Is the driver just as ostentatious as his ride, in terms of what he wears? I imagining a Japanese pimp with crooked gold teeth.

  3. No – he’s a young guy who looks like any other young 20 something Japanese guy..whatever that is!

    But again, he’s like you or I – into modifying cars and to the extremes! I still don’t believe it happened the way it did…

  4. Do you think that the owner is posting on the Cedric forum right now: “yeah, I saw the same WRB Forester STi, who would believe it?!”

    And don’t feel bad about dropping the F-bomb on camera. Given the subject material I think one “WTF” was actually remarkably controlled!

  5. you didn’t leave a card….WTF!!!! you have dis-honored the family name Adam you have no other choice but to commit hari kari to restore the family’s honor

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