I’ve lived in Japan for almost 7 years now. In that time, 7TUNE has had the pleasure of bringing the web countless images and stories and we’ve seen some of the most amazing things automotively speaking and the following images are no exception…

No, it’s not a Kit-Car. Japan, by and large, frowns upon such things when it comes to cars, so that could only mean this is a legitimate Lamborghini Countach…that looks like it hasn’t been used in centuries.

And it’s not just any ordinary Bull. This is the super rare 25th anniversay edition in red, no less. It’s one of only 650 ( perhaps less than that according to 7Tune reader, Mark Evans ) of this type ever made… and it’s just sitting here…

…under a train station…

…gathering dust.

Am I the only one who’s slowly shaking his head at that?

Sure it doesn’t matter to me personally but would you walk past these types of machines and say, “Oh that’s nothing, there’s 649 others left in the world.”

Hunters said the same thing about the Siberian Tiger and look where those words got the Tiger…

I don’t like to see cars ( or animals for that fact ) that I dream of driving ( or petting ) sitting there doing nothing and gathering dust ( or un-petted dust fur ) under the Sobu Line. These cars are meant to be driven hard, admired and looked after… and all that comes before your ears get shattered and your hair stands on end when you actually hear the awesomeness.

Japan. You continue to amaze me. Oh and One last thing… – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words and Photos – Adam Zillin

15 thoughts on “WTF – A NEGLECTED BULL”

  1. That car is beautiful!! Hopefully (don’t take this the wrong way) the owner died or something similar because abandoning these cars is nothing short of criminal.

  2. I don’t know the story behind it but I know that car park area very well. I passed by it 6 days a week for 4 years and there were always exotic cars under there.

    But that night, I decided to get off the train and go for a walk. I thought it was sad to see it sitting there like that.

    This car was not built to be under a rail line covered in dust.

  3. Grupert Awesome

    Wow, that’s pretty lame.
    Japan sure does have a lot of cool cars that just sit and slowly die..

  4. Grupert Awesome

    Wow, that’s pretty lame.
    Japan sure does have a lot of cool cars that just sit and slowly die..

  5. Shame to see it like that, seems to happen in Japan alot from what i’ve seen(the 300SL you saw a few months back, and saw it with a Ford RS200 on Speedhunters as well!)

    Looks in really good condition! And the modded interior is somthing as well!

  6. Rholfi Italo-Japalo Eis

    This is underneath the expressway, near Sendagaya/Ichigaya, right?  I always see it when riding the JR Sobu line.  Lots of other expensive cars in that lot!

  7. Yea this happens alot in Japan, i saw a 190E Evolution just sitting in a gravel lot, covered in dirt and all 4 tires flat. I’m gonna go crazy and run around stealing these cars.

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