I had just left the house seconds earlier when from across the street and out of nowhere, this thing arrested my attention. In a truly WTF moment, I about-faced and went in to grab my camera returning to cross the road to try and figure out what the heck this thing actually was…

And I still don’t know. I think it’s a Honda… either that or a Suzuki. Maybe both of those are wrong and it’s a Daihatsu but I’m sure someone out there knows. It’s got to be one of them!

It’s not that I don’t like Kei cars either – I do. I just don’t pay much attention to them because of the fact that Kei cars by and large are about as noticeable as that thing that cleans your underwear and stinky socks. The washing machines people; not the better halves.

This one though…now this is definitely different.

I like the chameleon paint and I like the stance. I like the matching red Sparco semi reclining buckets nestled within the interior…

… I also like the fact that it is ballin’ on 3mm of ground clearance and the fact it is on bags – although 7tune’s Dominik Bloemhard tells me that some people ride like this without bags!

( Yikes! )

But what I like most of all about this is that it’s a Kei car. A tiny, insignificant little 660cc engined buzzbox developing next to nothing in power but is still something that will turn heads no matter where it goes.

…See what I mean?

And besides, I think it looks pretty dope all in all. What do you guys think? – The Ultimate JDM Experience

Words and Photos – Adam Zillin


  1. Well if it’s a Kei car, the guy is paying for 500 plate road tax and shaken because of his fender flares.

    It’s alright, I don’t understand how people use them as a car. They are tiny but cheap I suppose.

  2. I got lucky when I looked it up.

    I started with Nissan and the Moco was the first one I saw on Goo-net. So I looked back here and was like ” Yep, that’s it”

  3. “I don’t understand how people use them as a car.”

    Just because they’re pretty damn convenient maybe? I have one and as a daily driver in japan it’s just perfect. Of course it’s not even close of the one of this review but not everyone in Japan can afford two standard cars. It’s expensive you know. Having a kei also let me driving a second (a lot more) sporty car. Many foreigners are quite fast on criticizing kei cars. Maybe it’s because they actually never tried one or maybe it’s because they’re afraid to look ridiculous in a small car? Both reasons are silly. 😉 I like kei cars for what they are; unexpensive, cheap to maintain, convenient little cars. There even are kei-designated spaces in the parkings…

  4. Damn i’d drive a kei car in a heartbeat. They just make sense in a country like Japan. And i reckon it would be funner to cut up and slam a little car like this.

    Good work on finding out the name Joey – Adam and I had no idea. Have to say i prefer a Tanto or Mira if i was going to go the Kei route…

  5. “I never suspected it to be a Nissan of all cars!”

    Well, it *could* be a first gen Moco, but the Nissan Moco is actually an OEM version of the Suzuki MR Wagon so it could also be a Suzuki. It was also built and sold in India as a Maruti Estilo.

    This comment was brought to you by the Anorak Society for the Study of Japanese Automotive Industry Badge Engineering.

  6. I want to see the return of kei sports cars, like the Cappacino, AZ-1 and Beat. Enough with the shrunken minivans that all look the same!

  7. Nick,
    It’s hard for me to fit into them because I’m 6’2. I have a few at work and my knees are in the dash, im leaning forward and barely can get into them. Hence my comment.

    They work well for an average japanese person because they are roughly 5’1-5’9.

    I love my JZX90 Mark 2. It’s perfect for me, and I don’t feel cramped up, plus my seat isn’t so far back that people can still sit behind me.

  8. nice immature over-reaction by Stingray. Anyway, I gotta say I too thought it’d be a Daihatsu or Honda. I’m definitely not up to snuff on my kei cars~

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